Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reccommend the... Like the.... See what people around the web reccommend for businesses

TownMe recently launched a feature called "People are talking about...." We looked at what was being said about a particular business across the Web and extracted all the unique words or phrases that seem to represent what people think is most interesting about that business.

Now we have made it even easier to see what's interesting or exciting about a business by adding two additional sections to "People Are Talking About," "People Recommend..." & "People Also Like The..."

As the names imply, the first feature lets you see what people recommend about the business, the second lets you see what people like most about the business.

For example, for Tartine in San Francisco you can see that people recommend the lemon cream tart and the sandwiches, but also like the "experience" and the "ingredients" that are used there.

People Are Talking About, Recommending, and Also Like... on TownMe
We're going to keep iterating on ways to provide an aggregate view of what's great about every business, so keep tabs on us!

And don't hesitate to let us know what you think.

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