Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Introducing TownMe: Your Town, On the Web!

The web has been broadly used for almost 15 years and yet it can be quite difficult to find information on things that fundamentally impact our local lives.

We're not just talking about the standard information that's readily available for most cities -- e.g. static local business listings -- we're talking about the things that really matter and, more importantly, the places and things that help define the personality of local communities.

Find Information About Your Locale
What should you do on a hot summer day in Durham? How can you participate in Critical Mass in San Francisco? Have you ever been on a business trip and needed to find the best local running paths? Did you plan a cross-country move and want to live in an area with all the other sugar daddies? Have you tried to find where you can get free stuff for your birthday locally? All of this information can be really challenging to find for most cities in the US.

Anyone Can Contribute to TownMe Pages
TownMe is a website whose goal is to unleash local knowledge and make information about your town or city easily accessible. TownMe's mission is to bring all the world's communities and local information online. Your town, online.

With TownMe, anyone can add content to their favorite city or edit any page, and everyone can find something cool, interesting, or useful about their town.

Tools To Navigate Your Town

In addition, we are building a variety of tools into TownMe to help you navigate and aggregate the local information that is distributed across so many sites and so many places on the web. For example, What's Near Me lets you see all the businesses around your hotel, or down the street from your house, while Best Of's show you what people on the web broadly think are the best restaurants, bars, and other businesses in your town.

Let Us Know What You Think :)

Our hope is that every town has a spot on the web that serves as a reflection of the people and places that make up local communities. Right now TownMe is still in its early days. We're hard at work and are iterating quickly to launch new, useful features often.

So follow our blog and find out about new features as we launch them. If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it. Or, get started and write something for your town!