Wednesday, August 19, 2009

TownMe Goes to Burning Man

Did you know that every year, a desert flower of a town blooms for eight days 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada? That town is called Black Rock City (BRC), home to the Burning Man Festival. Overnight it becomes one of the largest cities in Nevada.

Black Rock City is a Real Town

It has radio stations, newspapers, a mail delivery system, and a DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles)... it's a real town (and one that grew astronomically over the years)! So of course we want to make sure it's covered on TownMe along with the other 20,000 cities on our site :)

Black Rock Demographics
We compared Burning Man stats from the Black Rock Afterburn Report to the USA Census. For example, did you know that for cities of comparable size:

Check it out: Black Rock Town Stats on TownMe »

Wiki Guides to Black Rock City (Free Food, Massage, and Yoga - Oh My!)

We have also included mini-wiki guides that anyone can edit including things like where to get breakfast, drinks, and dinner at Burning Man as well as which camps say they provide shade/rehydration, massage/spa, or yoga.

See more on the Black Rock City Home on TownMe.

Burning Man One-Liners

We're introducing "Burning Man One Liners," a quick and easy way to answer fun and useful questions like "Make Sure to Bring..." and "The Best Gift I Ever Gave Was..."

Answer them and share so other people can answer them, too.