Thursday, September 17, 2009

Page Of The Week: Free Stuff in Austin, Texas

From time to time we come across a page we think highlights some unique or fascinating aspect of a town on TownMe.

We are going to start featuring these pages on a regular basis to help people spot some of the cool things going on on TownMe.

This week's page of the week is "What's Free in Austin:"

What's free in Austin, Texas on TownMe
It features a variety of free festivals and events, free stuff on your birthday, art museums, and free improv comedy.

Created by: Jacob D.

Know of a page we should feature? Let us know!

Reccommend the... Like the.... See what people around the web reccommend for businesses

TownMe recently launched a feature called "People are talking about...." We looked at what was being said about a particular business across the Web and extracted all the unique words or phrases that seem to represent what people think is most interesting about that business.

Now we have made it even easier to see what's interesting or exciting about a business by adding two additional sections to "People Are Talking About," "People Recommend..." & "People Also Like The..."

As the names imply, the first feature lets you see what people recommend about the business, the second lets you see what people like most about the business.

For example, for Tartine in San Francisco you can see that people recommend the lemon cream tart and the sandwiches, but also like the "experience" and the "ingredients" that are used there.

People Are Talking About, Recommending, and Also Like... on TownMe
We're going to keep iterating on ways to provide an aggregate view of what's great about every business, so keep tabs on us!

And don't hesitate to let us know what you think.

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TownMe Notifications - Follow and Unfollow Pages of Interest

Wouldn't it be nice to know when someone comments on a TownMe page that you put your heart and soul into writing?

Or when someone gets inspired by this page that you created and adds more to it?

Or when someone compliments you on your profile?

Well, now you'll know!

When You Get Notifications
We now notify you when:
  • a page you created is modified in any way
  • if someone comments on your personal profile
  • when changes occur on pages you indicated you might care about by editing or commenting on them
Control Is In Your Hands
You can of course control what kinds of notifications you get - just click on the link in the notifications email to "un-follow" a page and you will stop receiving notifications about that page.

We're working hard to keep improving the ways you can be kept in the loop about changes on the site. What do you think? Let us know if you have any feedback on this feature.